Friday, January 20, 2006

School to Stars


....I am definitely having a hard time in school at the moment, I am so restless for some reason. Not an ounce of my being is motivated to sit in classes. Gotta work on that. I always get restless. At least I know when I will next be out of here. I am going back to Beautiful BC for 6 weeks of the summer...sigh...

Finally after 6 months of sparadically working on it, Tracey and I have finished our first DVD of Zambia. We have one particular video that I love, entitled 'A day in the life of a Zambian Orphan" documenting my little friend Nicholas Mubamba. Please talk to me and I will be happy to show it to you! We had the opportunity to go into North Toronto Collegiate Highschool this week and do some presentations about Isubilo and the AIDS crisis in Zambia. It went really well, and I'm already corresponding with a couple of kids from the classes who want to go to Africa when they graduate this summer as a result of our talk! Very encouraging. One of my orphans...11 year old Joshua, died last week, so it made me all the more fired up to tell his story and the story of all the other children...

The other night my cousin Beth and I met this really great homeless guy downtown. His name is Chris. He's a poet. We found him under a sleeping back reading Homer's "The Iliad" and clutching a bible. He rapped us one of his poems, and one line has stuck out in my mind ever since...

"We live under the lights, but we don't see the stars."

He was referring to the city, and it's profound. It spoke to my heart about the spiritual realm too. So often in a day I don't see past what is man made and man centred . My eyes can't see the spiritual realm, the big picture. They are blind to the divine. Open my eyes lord...let me see past the lights. I want to see stars.


Anonymous Tiffany Ratcliff said...

Hey Han!
Well I finally visited your site and it is very delectable, I enjoyed it immensely!!! My fav is the fact that you are scared of flopping fish, remember my story about how I was coming home after a year at Redeemer, the whole car packed and my fish (Slater) between Daves feet and all the sudden the trafic stoped so I slamed on the breaks and after we were undercontrol Dave pulled up an empty bowl and the FISH WAS FLOOPING ALL OVER THE FLOOR OF MY DADS CAR!!!! haha!
Well this kept me occupied for a bit, now that I have no idea about whats going on in the class I shall look at your site some more!
Have a good day, I'll talk to you later!

9:21 a.m.  

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