Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Christmas Day Memory.

Christmas day was magical. My family (Mom, Dad, me, Laura (19) and Matt (15) went to Uxbridge to be with my Aunt, Uncle and four cousins. After lunch us 7 "kids" decided to go sledding. We went to the Uxbridge arena where there are some steep hills. One extra steep hill slopes down to the tennis courts, which have a wire fence surrounding them. We decided to hurl ourselves off of this particular hill since it had a pretty sweet jump half way, and all you had to do was either turn the sled or bail before you hit the tennis court fence. As the oldest one there, wanting to look equally as daring and uninhibited as my brother and impress all my cousins, I took a big run and jump and went hurtling down the hill at top speed...such a top speed that by the time I realized my face was zooming straight towards the metal pole, it was too late... I've never lost so much blood so fast...and it looked especially dramatic on the bright white snow! My sister, who is in first year nursing, was frantically trying to remember everything she'd learnt, before I passed out. Needless to say, the rest of Christmas was spent trying to stop the bleeding and slow down the swelling of my rapidly increasing face! I now have two black eyes and an extra large nose...and have been searching my house for a pair of huge sunglasses to wear when I go out! I suppose its the stuff memories are made of....


Blogger Christina said...

Thats kinda what I always imagined was going to happen when we had our summer bike rides. It was always such a sketchy morning ritual, especially with sleep still in our eyes and both of us carrying books and bibles while attempting to maintain balance, all that for a measly little ride to the main hall, oh what fun, I miss those days. Don't worry I bet you still look hot!

5:07 p.m.  
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