Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Pride.

I have really been enjoying the Olympics. Fortunately, I am home for reading week, and my mother is a sports FANATIC, so she makes a rule that involves us not being allowed to watch anything else on the television for the two weeks it is on. (the same goes for wimbledon) My favourite has to be the figure skating, and I always start dreaming about if we had left England earlier and I had grown up here in Canada...then I would be standing on that podium in Torino this week for SURE.
Ok well maybe not but I would have loved to have the chance to figure skate, since I did a lot of ballet, and it can't be that much harder...right??
I also love watching the snowboarding and ski-ing tricks. I just watched the "ariel" where they do about 17 flips in the air on skis and land back on the hill.....imagine the adrenaline rush?!?!

All that being said though, I find it very interesting, how some guy from Toronto skating around the ice in Italy and being rewarded a chunk of metal around his neck, can make us feel so good, while sitting on our couches here in Canada. It's like we had something to do with his win, like we are talented. The whole patriotism thing just goes again to show how much each of us long to be in community...to be a part of something much greater than just ourselves as individuals. That's what the Olympics is about. We take pride in associating ourselves with certain countries, in joining together as one..its very strange once you start dissecting it...
Yet it leads me to understand that God made us for community, it's ingrained in our very essence, and the Olympics is just one manifestation of our need to belong to a community; ultimately, the community which we were created to belong to: the body of Christ.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to make a small comment on the likelihood of Hannah
becoming a world class skater, remembering the time her ski fell off when we
were 13 in a competition in Austria and she tried to keep skiing on one
ski? I feel she is having delusions of grandeur!!!

Your Bezzie bud
Malou xxxx

3:58 p.m.  
Anonymous Cheyenne said...

Hannah, you forgot to mention hockey!

4:30 p.m.  
Blogger Hannah said...

Cheyenne I just tried to write you a comment on your xanga site that won't let me talk to you. Stupid elitists. Holy crap you are popular though, 60 comments?!
And no I did not forget to mention hockey, it was of complete irrelevance to my post, as it probably always will be.

4:50 p.m.  
Anonymous Jake S. said...

Hey Hannah,
Nice entry :) So true! Funny about sitting on our couches with snacks and no idea of what's involved with getting to that point yet still feeling the pride we do. so funny and so interesting about community! do we need to define ourselves against others? i dont even know what that means. or, in the body of christ, we couch-sitters, what 'part' are we? lol. i dont understand that question at all. point is, nice entry ;P anyways, have a sweet reading break with the games and a great trip home when it comes! oh! i might be moving to england! um, also crazy new news is jon just got robbed and car jacked, and then the robbing car jackers shot at cops before ditching jon --- completely unharmed, AMAZING GRACELY --- in a feild in the slums of nairobi! they left his new laptop but took my crummy notebook!? (not the laptop kind, the junior high kind) the sheets arent even lined!? what kind of thei...anyways, hope all is well....and, im gonna sign this:
need any more clues???

4:55 p.m.  
Anonymous Dave! said...

Hello Jake S.,
What a wonderful comment you posted. My condolences on the loss of what must surely have been a wonderful, theft-worthy possession. Times like these, words seem so silly and empty, need a hug?

An avid follower, I too read Hannah's recent entry on the games, and concur with your astute and concise, somewhat whimsical ...comment.

Hannah! If you ever want to go for a skate, let me know. We look a lot faster and more acrobater on tv than we actually are. your history in ballet will make the training a lot easier. jamie often does our routines in roller blades, or imporvises with wheels and tape, if the ice is not available....just a thought for reading week when boring hockey is on (they call that skating!?!?)

Anyways, all my best,
David Peletier

5:07 p.m.  
Blogger Hannah said...

The infamous Stephen Snowball...often imitated but never duplicated. Oh my GOODNESS your poor brother..car jacked with guns...where were you at the time??? I hope your notebook didn't contain too many philosophical, globe-altering, ingenious rescue plans for humanity...or at least if it did, I hope they are also still stored in your head.

Take me to Africa

6:26 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

Please tell me that "Dave!" is simply one of your chums being funny, because there's no way that you could be friends with Sale and Peletier and not tell me...You know I figure skake (well, used to until the expense of it hindered me to continue) and that I love those two! Please get back to me before I have my heart gives way to this exicitement!

5:00 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:02 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

Which, by the way, a very insightful blog. By the way, if you need a cookie recipe, I posted one for Natalie Corrigan...oops, Zapantas. Apparently she was having baking troubles and it got so bad that she had to email me for the recipe...lol.

Love ya and God bless!


5:04 p.m.  

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