Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mum and Dad in Zambia!

After over two years of hearing me talk and talk about my time in Zambia, my parents got to go there! They happened to be speaking at a conference in Lusaka (the capital) so then they arranged to go up to Isubilo in Ndola for 3 days, and spend time with all my precious orphans and children. It's been so wonderful for me that they have now experienced this! God is so good.

Here they are with my hero, Lontia Bwalya. She has leprosy and cares for four of her orphaned grandchildren. What an amazing woman; so courageous and full of joy, she's been a powerful inspiration to me.

Here is Mum with my beloved Mehetabel, whose story I have told earlier on this blog. She is growing big and is looking so healthy, which makes me SO happy!

Here is Dad experiencing "Saturday school" at Isubilo. The children don't have father figures in their lives, so they were very drawn to him.

For once in my life people were asking him "You're Hannahs Dad?" rather than asking me "You're Charles Price's daughter?"! It made for a nice change!


Blogger Hofman said...

Soo wonderful! It must bring back all the memories. I've been thinking a lot about Africa again Han - particularly after watching Blood Diamonds. It's so overwhelming. I don't feel worthy or good enough to accomplish anything. But I know I can never really be a part of this world [Canada] and feel right or at home. I think we need another chat time about Africa.
I miss you, I love you!
Elea xoxo

1:11 a.m.  
Blogger David said...

Hannah my little African queen, There is something peculuar about Africa, despite their burdens they are truly happy, this is something I strive for and especially realize that there is a deeper happiness in that part of the world that has been lost in our own societal complexities. We've been lied too, that our dreams lie in the relationships we have, the tv's we own, when really I've grown tired of it, I had dream of you yesterday, so real so vivid that I dare say it was a vision...anyways I'll tell you about it sometime. Anyways enough of crazy ranting, I do hope your Christmas is treating you well.


2:30 p.m.  
Blogger Hofman said...

hey, when are we getting together? I bought a crazy awesome gift for you yesterday. I saw it and it just SCREAMED Hannah so I had to get it. It is sitting at Jenna's house right now b/c I didn't know where to put it in my parent's house. SO...if you come here we'll visit her and you can have it!! Ummm...don't think that I dished out tons of money for a gift and now I expect something from you. It isn't like that - just random gift giving!
Much love darling!

3:54 p.m.  
Anonymous Sigur Ros said...

December 25th, 2006 in the lYfe of Steve:

(Are you ready to cry like a 2 year old?)

I WORKED! How lame is THAT? I taught 5 classes English. I am tempted to unwind some of the crummy reflections I have on the entire sHituation, but I'll spare you.

So Hannah - ready for a small thought that hasn't run the gauntlet of sound Christian theology, logical analysis, or semantic scrutiny?

So if God describes God as, I AM THAT I AM...as I AM... there is potentially a sort of connection to the Eastern (among other) sense of Oneness to that soulfull, lifefull energy THAT IS...that is the backbone understanding of asian proverbs on enlightenment...

... the one i recently heard wont come to mind, something about achieving understanding when we no longer recognise objects as other, but as ourselves as well, ..as.. not really pantheism but like, some indivisiable coexistence and dependency and life with everything and everyone...i dont really get it...it sounds like it requires some sort of disolution of the subject/object mode of thinking phenomenlogy is grappling with.....
well...if nothing else, i am is pretty vague, since everything we know or experience 'is' in that elusive sense which the present inescapably IS though ever-rips away....

but wouldnt it be weird if there was room for overlap...or something

so to begin to discuss the words I AM id want to precisely define thoughts about the present, past, and future, ...discuss completely... so that when you move to talking about an overlap with ultimate present-ness and things such as trees, cats, oceans, stars, angels and demons and me, you could do so... far too much for a blog comment, but i want you to know i share your frustration of trying to understand something so mamoth with so many facets so quickly. so im sorry for those frustrations of my little note which leaves no real thought save a few isolated words......BUT, neat to think about.

Enlightenment is to understand 'it' as 'I'.


8:12 a.m.  
Blogger Shannon said...


I think it's wonderful that your parents were able to share in that experience that you've had. God is so good! It must be so great to see pictures of the people you met while you were away in Zambia, especially you're hero. And to see that little girl growing up.

I've been thinking of how interesting it is that as you grow up, friends and people grow in different directions. Although the paths you and I have travelled have been quite different, it's interesting to see that our passions and calling in life seem to be actually quite similar. I enjoy reading your blog and I love that we share a passion for people.

Today is the day we head for Urbana. I pray that you have safe travels, and as you mentioned I'll call or text you in St. Louis so that hopefully we can connect. What track are you taking? I'm in "Slum Communities of the Developing World", although there's so many seminars I want to participate in!!! hehe

Well, again blessings. Keep up the blog I enjoy reading it. And enjoy Urbana! (See you there!)

12:12 p.m.  
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